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Obtaining an SR-22 certificate is often necessary when, as a vehicle driver, the court requires you to do so in order to maintain your driver's license. Often times, this type of certificate is required if you have been charged with reckless driving, DUI, DWI or another type of at-fault incident, especially if it has resulted in financial loss for another person. READ MORE >>

When considering business insurance, one area of concern for many companies is liability insurance. Liability risks are those associated with negligence caused by you, your employees or your company in general. It involves losses suffered by your customers and clients due to interaction with your company or other risks. READ MORE >>

Is having original Medicare coverage really enough for you? Medicare is confusing for many people. Think of it as any other type of insurance policy. You have basic coverage that provides for some levels of protection, but additional policies and "add-ons" are available that can further reduce the risks that you'll have to pay out-of-pocket for medical care. READ MORE >>

When a car accident occurs, one of the most important tools you'll have at your disposal is your auto insurance provider. Car accidents happen for many reasons. In most cases, when two or more drivers are involved, the police will detail a report that states who was at fault in the accident. READ MORE >>

For most agents, writing a Homeowners' policy is as easy as riding a bike. They’ve done it hundreds, if not thousands of times, they understand the coverage, they have no trouble presenting it to their clients and they could complete the application in their sleep. READ MORE >>

Accidents tend to increase at this time of year, but it is possible to take steps that lower the likelihood of being involved in a crash. Consider the following tips for preparing your car for safe winter driving. Headlights Visibility is reduced during a snow storm. READ MORE >>

Your home is the place you've raised your family, spent decades of your life and made your own. It is for all of these reasons that you need to invest in ways to protect it. In doing so, you may save on your home insurance premium costs. How can you make your home more disaster resistant? READ MORE >>

SR-22 insurance requirements can leave you wondering what to do. In short, a judge is likely to tell you that you must maintain this type of coverage because of an incident (or more than one incident) that represents the high risk you pose as a driver. READ MORE >>

You can’t choose the best health insurance for you and your family if you don’t understand the difference between an HMO, PPO, EPO and POS health plan. In order to choose the best type of health plan for your situation, you need to understand the six important ways health plans can differ and how each of these will impact you. READ MORE >>

College students have plenty to think about and plan for, but they may not consider health insurance on top of their studies. However, going to school presents a key level of risk. You may be living with people you don't really know, sharing smaller spaces and being exposed to a higher number of viruses and bacteria among classes. READ MORE >>

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